By: Jenna Federici, Azsanai Jones, Fredrika Chase, Kayvon Alizadeh, Kyle Glazer

Cervicogenic Headaches

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Cervicogenic headaches (CH) are typically associated with referred pain  in any part of the head. These headaches can occur in different frequencies, intensities, and duration. Treatment  will involve manual therapy performed on cervical joints to alleviate pain. These treatments have shown positive results healing patients by treating the joint and muscles in the cervical region to decrease headaches. The most common symptoms of cervicogenic headaches are caused by forward head position, which will lead pain radiating from the neck up to the forehead.

Abdominal Strength Assessment

  • For the starting position, you need to lay on your back with knees and hips bent and feet flat on the ground.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles by exhaling and drawing your abdomen in.
  • While performing the test, if you can keep your back flat on the ground precede to the next test.


CH Exercise Starting Position

  • Laying on back– lay on back with hips and knees bent with feet flat on the ground
  • Seated– sit with your back against the wall (add pillow under arms if needed),  Contract your abdominal muscles by exhaling, drawing your abdomen in, and raising shoulder blades up and together
  • Standing– face the wall while placing hands on the wall and sliding arms overhead
  • Laying on stomach– lay face down with your arms overhead

Below is an handout of at-home exercises:

C.H. Exercise Handout


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