Physical Therapy at Bare Hills_Logo_RGBBy: Myles Cheatham, Fredrika Chase, Jenna Federici, Kayvon Alizadeh, Azsanai Jones

2016-02-23 15.01.09

Important Cues

For the exercises below make sure you:

  • Maintain foot intrinsics
  • Keep your knee aligned with your second toe
  • Tilt your pelvis forward
  • Engage core muscles
  • Relax your shoulders

Upper Cut

  • Hold the band in one hand at hip level by your side
  • Stand on the foot that is on the same side as the arm performing the movement
  • Slowly bring your hand diagonally across your torso towards your opposite shoulder
  • Squeeze and hold for a moment, then slowly return the arm to the starting position

Straight Back Extension

  • Hold the band with one hand in front of your body, keeping your elbow extended
  • Stand on the foot opposite of the hand holding the band
  • Pull the weight down and backwards while keeping your arm straight and elbow extended
  • Hold the band at the furthermost position behind your body for a moment, then return the band to the starting position while keeping your arm straight
  • Control the movement back to the starting phase slowly

Hip Hinges

  • Band should be in the hand opposing the standing leg
  • Flat back should be maintained as back leg is extended backward
  • Forward arm (holding band) should be in straight alignment with the back and fully extended forward
  • When returning to starting position elbow should remain extended and the shoulder should be pulled back into neutral

Crossing Pattern Extension

  • Band should be in the hand opposing the standing leg
  • Hand should begin at hip of standing leg and is then pulled across the chest diagonally into full extension
  • Hips and torso should stay facing forward


  • Band should be in the hand opposing the standing leg
  • Pull band straight back then arm should be rotated upward into 90 degrees using the shoulder only
  • The trunk of the body should maintain an upright and forward position


  • Band should be in the hand opposing the standing leg
  • The hand holding the band should start off in full extension out in front of the body
  • When pulled toward the body the elbow should come into flexion and just pass the trunk of the torso before being released back into full extension

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